Large-Scale Automated Refactoring Using ClangMR

Maintaining large codebases can be a challenging
endeavour. As new libraries, APIs and standards are introduced,
old code is migrated to use them. To provide as clean and
succinct an interface as possible for developers, old APIs are
ideally removed as new ones are introduced. In practice, this
becomes difficult as automatically finding and transforming code
in a semantically correct way can be challenging, particularly as
the size of a codebase increases.
In this paper, we present a real-world implementation of a
system to refactor large C++ codebases efficiently. A combination
of the Clang compiler framework and the MapReduce parallel
processor, ClangMR enables code maintainers to easily and
correctly transform large collections of code. We describe the
motivation behind such a tool, its implementation and then
present our experiences using it in a recent API update with
Google’s C++ codebase.



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