Distributed Authorization in Vanadium

Abstract. In this tutorial, we present an authorization model for distributed
systems that operate with limited internet connectivity. Reliable
internet access remains a luxury for a majority of the world’s population.
Even for those who can afford it, a dependence on internet connectivity
may lead to sub-optimal user experiences. With a focus on decentralized
deployment, we present an authorization model that is suitable for
scenarios where devices right next to each other (such as a sensor or
a friend’s phone) should be able to communicate securely in a peer-topeer
manner. The model has been deployed as part of an open-source
distributed application framework called Vanadium. As part of this tutorial,
we survey some of the key ideas and techniques used in distributed
authorization, and explain how they are combined in the design of our

Source: http://theory.stanford.edu/~ataly/Papers/fosad16.pdf


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